Our vision

With MeeStart we create more than a network of freelance engineer, more than a new service provider, we provide the structure and connexions to allow our engineer to best serve their customer and grow on their own tracks while providing best service to customers.

Every customer and project has well defined roles with clear distribution of revenue. Engineers are motivated to bring new customer and keep strong relationship with their existing customers.

Our Values


All prices, discounts as well as redistribution of revenues are public and communicated upfront.  

Flexibiliy & Independance

All MeeStart employees select their projects, and manage directly with customer their schedule.  

Promote Staff

All resume of our staff are available to our customer, we help you to find the best for you.  


We love working with our partners, if someone can do better work than us  

Fair distribution

  • Referral 10%
  • Cse 15%
  • MeeStart (admin) 15%
  • Engineer 60%
ReferalEveryone bringing in new customer will keep as long as working for that customer 10% of all revenues, and if not working with that customer will reduce by 1% every year, meaning 9% second year and 1% after 10 years.

CSEEvery customer is assigned Customer Success Engineer that will regularly discuss needs and issues.

Contact Us

If you want to know more and see how we can help you, contact us at info[@]meestart.com or by scheduling a call here