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Non profit organizations and mainly smaller clubs are evolving quickly today, it is more complicated to find volunteer willing to spend time for their cause. This is particularly true for small sport and events organization as people are more keen to see the service as a product than a non-profit work of dedicated volonteers.

Less volunteers having less time to dedicate to their cause, you need to ensure your organization has the perfect tools to collaborate, but also to keep information as staff are changing and organize their work.

Microsoft is providing interesting pricing for Office365 for non-profits, Office 365 provides enterprise grade Email solution allowing you to create mailbox when you need and complex email flow, for instance if people or roles are changing. Office365 also provides with Sharepoint online a shared document library to always keep latest version of all documents.

MeeStart is providing a package to help your non-profit organization to subscribe to the program, setup the Office 365 environment you need for your organization and support your users. Office 365 for non-profit is Free for small organization for only cloud services and 3$ / month with Office suite, so don't hesitate, contact us and let's see how we can help you.


Shared documents
Easy creation / modification of mailbox
Sharepoint Online
Microsoft Teams


In a tennis club in Geneva the team fully changed within 2 years. Having a new committee of young professionals gave to the club a new dynamic and new opportunities, but also a team having less time to dedicate to the club, less in person meetings, and more remote work.

Office 365 was a key changer for the organization as it allowed team to get quick access to all documents from anywhere, allowing them to easily retrieve how things were done previously, adapt and evolve. By providing role based mailbox like a sponsor mailbox, a members mailbox etc. we ensure that there is always a team of people being able to reply to email as volunteers are often travelling, busy on other things.

And those are just a one case example, MeeStart is the partner you need to improve your efficiency and the way you collaborate.

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