MeeStart IT Consulting services are specialized in 3 fields:

  • Mobility:

We help you to ensure your users can work at anytime from anywhere. We ensure nobility is achieved with the same security, user experience as in the office, or even better. As Citrix partner and Microsoft specialized engineer, we can assist you to find the best solution for you and your enterprise.

  • Small Business and Non-Profit:

We allow smaller companies to work with tools that are available for any company at lower price. As end-to-end service provider MeeStart assist you from A to Z with your business. For non-profit Microsoft is providing great pricing for Office 365. MeeStart assists you with the admin steps, as well as setup and administration of the solution.

  • System Management and migration:

With engineers specialized in Microsoft Products, including Active Directory and SCCM, MeeStart is the partner you need to successfully plan, audit, and execute your migrations. From OS Migration to merge and acquisition, a complete understanding of the infrastructure and high skilled and trained engineers are needed to help you.

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Our vision

MeeStart is focused on getting the best engineer, out of top universities, and we propose a new employment models between Freelance and standard employment to our staff. This is to enforce innovation, and ensure our staff is accomplished in their mission, while keeping the work-personal life balance as they wish depending on their professional and personal situation.